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FormBoss™ comes in 8 different profile heights. You can create flush defining profiles, retaining walls, planter beds or steps, depending on your application we’ll most likely have something to suit. The general rule of thumb for installing our edging is a minimum of one third of the profile height should be buried under the soil. This gives it amazing strength and allows you to install into both new and existing gardens with ease. We have compiled a chart to try and make selecting your edging as easy as possible. If you are after pricing for a job try our quote form, it will ask you specific questions about your application to make sure we provide you with the right edging for the job.

Installing your edging with more of the profile in the ground will result in a stronger application. If you are burying the edging more than 80%, with the exemption of the 75mm & 100mm edging, you can get away with using less or even no stakes.

Installation without burying . It is possible to install FormBoss™ directly on top of the soil without burying it when you are installing a tight diameter circle. They are self supporting shapes.

Rooftop gardens. For rooftop gardens you generally install FormBoss™ with brackets so it’s actually sitting slightly higher than the slab. This allows for drainage. Use brackets instead of stakes.

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